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  Sunday March 18th, 2018    
  Norman Hutchins I really love you  
  Luther Vandross Ain't no stopping us now  
  McFadden & Whitehead I head it in a love song  
  Beverlie Skeetes I had a dream  
  Ronnie McNair Everybody's in a hurry  
  Sandra Wright I come running back  
  Candi Staton One more hurt  
  Melvin Moore All of a sudden  
  Darrow Fletcher It's no mistake  
  Mojoba Say you will  
  Chuck Chissel Don't tell me your sorry  
  Special Delivery Special kind of love  
  Whispers Does she care  
  Jackie Wilson Whispers (getting louder)  
  Garland Green Don't let love walk out on me  
  Southside Movement Do it to me  
  Moments Just having your love  
  Al Green Keep on pushing love  
  Michael Cooper Stepping into a love song  
  Brandy Full Moon (soulchild remix)  
  Odds & Ends Let me try  
  Charen Cotton A little bit of love  
  Leroy Hutson All because of you  
  Margie Joseph I can't move no mountains  
  Clyde Brown You call be back  
  Kirk Franklin Looking for you  
  Jennifer Hudson Spotlight  
  Sounds of Blackness Optimistic  
  Allnight Band Lovley ladies  
  Brian Holland I'm so glad  
  Tyrone Edwards Can't get enough of your love  
  Bill Brandon Streets got my lady  
  Sandra Wright Wounded woman  
  Sunday March 11th, 2018    
  Randy Brown I'm always in the mood  
  Donny Gerrard He's always somewhere around  
  Anthony White Hey baby  
  Bobby Patterson I'm in love with you  
  Betty Everette Unlucky girl  
  Mighty Clouds of Joy Look on the bright side  
  Neo Experience Human  
  Timeless Legend I was born to love you  
  Charisma Band Ain't nothing like your love  
  SouLutions Cloud number 9  
  E-Smoove Déjà vu  
  Mark Johnson Daydream  
  R Kelly Happy people  
  Debbie Taylor Second to none  
  Charles Drain She's gone  
  Jeff Floyd Don't leave me  
  Lamont Dozier Breaking out all over  
  Archie Bell & the Drells Where will you go when the party is over  
  Daybreak Everything man  
  Beverlie Skeetes I had a dream  
  Anita Baler Caught up in the rapture  
  Aretha Franklin Wonderful  
  5th Dimension Theres no love in the room  
  4 below Zero My baby's got ESP  
  Fantastic Puzzles Come back  
  Impressions Nothing can stop me  
  Dana Valery You don't know where your interest lies  
  Dean Courtney I'll always need you  
  Detroit Executives Cool off  
  Charles Mann It's over  
  Lamont Dozier You made me a believer  
  Luther Vandross Buy me a rose  
  Norman Hutchins I really love you  
  Sunday March 4th, 2018    
  Philip Mitchell Gonna build California from all over the world  
  Rueben Howell You can't stop a man in love  
  Norris Vines Give in  
  Bobby Womack Give it up  
  Seville Show me the way  
  Garland Green Girl I love you  
  Garland Green Jealous kinda fellow  
  David Ruffin Out in the country  
  Eddie Kendricks Each day I cry a little  
  Four Tops Darling I hum our song  
  Marvin Gaye Darling your wonderful  
  Temptations My baby  
  Susan Duffy Look me over  
  Kim English Simply grateful  
  Luther Vandross Love it, love it  
  Arthur Miles Helping hand  
  Terry Callier Look at me now  
  J B Bingham / Checkmates All alone by the telephone  
  Sidney Joe Qualls Run to me  
  Aristocrats Loving you is mellow  
  Barbara West Congratulations baby  
  Bobby Hutton Wanting you, needing you  
  Anderson Brothers I can see him loving you  
  Ann Peebles If this is heaven  
  Charles Drain Is this really love  
  Al Hudson & the Soul Partners I'm about loving you  
  Clarence Carter Messing with your mind  
  Barbara Lynn Trying to love two  
  Tamiko Jones I'm spellbound  
  James Brown People wake up and live  
  Jonathan Butler So strong  
  Wahoo Personal  
  Sunday February 25th, 2018    
  Tom Glide & Childi Old school days  
  Tom Glide & Hill St Soul Soul train  
  Frankie Knuckles feat Anya Day Let's stay home  
  SouLutions Listen  
  Lamont Dozier Take off your make up  
  Leroy Hutson All because of you  
  Invitations Living together is keeping us apart  
  Checkmates Take all the time you need  
  Connie Laverne Can't live without you  
  Belloyd Get in to  my life  
  Jimmy Ruffin Everybody needs love  
  Marvin & Tammi The onion song  
  Junior Walker Ain't that the truth  
  Temptations Since I lost my baby  
  David Ruffin I can't be hurt anymore  
  100% Pure Poison You keep coming back  
  Jean Plum Look at the boy  
  Teddy Pendergrass I just called to say  
  Detroit Spinners I just want to fall in love  
  Cheryl Hunter Make good love to me  
  Chi lites Changing for you  
  Frederick Knight You’re the best thing in my life  
  Kim Weston Thrill a moment  
  Ruby Andrews Just loving you  
  Eddie Holman Time will tell  
  Wilson Williams I like being in love with you  
  Tata Vega I need you now  
  Impressions Wherever she leadeth me  
  Impressions You ought to be in heaven  
  Joe Valentine I lost the only love I ever had  
  Lew Kirton Something special  
  Topics Booking up baby  
  Superloop Baby be mine  
  Sunday February 18th, 2018    
  R Kelly Make the world go round  
  Dee Heron Total satisfaction  
  Frankie Knuckles It's hard sometimes  
  Black Box Fall into my love  
  Frank Popp Ensemble Breakaway  
  Mary Gresham I'll never let you walk alone  
  Candi Staton One more hurt  
  Marjorie Ingram Another woman involved  
  Dottie Pearson Bring it over baby  
  Aristocrats Lets get together now  
  Buddy Miles I'm just a kiss away  
  Debbie Taylor Never gonna let him go  
  Gloria Scott That's what you say  
  Jackie Wilson Don't you know I love you  
  Bobby Womack Daylight  
  Bettye Swann Today I started loving you again  
  Art Gentry This is my chance  
  Tammi Terrell Tears at the end of a love affair  
  C B Overton If I can't stop you  
  D'Influence & Romina Johnson Taste of bitter love  
  Vivtor Haynes Less than a minute  
  Diane Shaw Second chance  
  Brenda Boykin Love is in town  
  Mario Biondi Stay with me  
  Bloodstone Just wanna get the feel of it  
  Bettye Everette Your falling in love  
  Barbara Lynn This is the thanks I get  
  Bobby Bland I'm so tired  
  Innersection Let me love yuh  
  Innersection I'm in debt to you  
  Lanier & Co I don't know  
  Lanier & Co Dancing in the night  
  Silk Falling in love ain't easy  
  Bobby Taylor Don't be afraid  
  Curtis Anderson The hardest part  
  Whispers Where there is love  
  Sunday February 11th, 2018    
  Manhattans Kiss and say goodbye  
  Maxwell Ascension (don't ever wonder)  
  Lew Kirton Heaven in the afternoon  
  O'Jays Time to get down  
  Temptation Papa was a rolling stone  
  Dennis Edwards I'll turn to stone  
  Dennis Edwards (you’re my) Aphrodisiac  
  Dennis Edwards Coolin' out  
  Dennis Edwards & Sheidah Garrett Don't look any further  
  Charles Drain Just as long  
  G C Cameron your what's mssing in my life  
  Four Wonders Just looking for a love  
  Dynamic Superiors Your what I need  
  Dynamic Superiors One nighter  
  Philly Devotions I just can't say goodbye  
  TSU Tornadoes What good am I  
  Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes The love I lost (edit dimitri remix)  
  Gladys Knight & the Pips No one could love you more  
  Delilah Moore It takes love  
  Bobby Womack Tried & convicted  
  Brown Sugar The game is over  
  Gloria Gaynor This love affair  
  Melvin Moore All of a sudden  
  Whispers Will you be mine  
  Philly Devotions Hurt so bad  
  Betty Wright If you love me like you say you love me  
  Pattie & the Emblems It's those little things you do  
  Nancy Ames I don't want to talk about it  
  Honeybees She doesn't deserve you  
  Vivian Reed Save your love for me  
  Millie Jackson It hurts so good  
  Tower of Power So very hard to go  
  Persuaders It's a thin line beteen love and hate  
  J Blackfoot Taxi  
  Sunday February 4th, 2018    
  Donny Hathaway The Ghetto  
  Barbara Lynn Moving on a groove  
  Maysa Leek The bottle  
  George Benson Love X love  
  Marvin Gaye Sexual healing  
  Spiral Staircase I love you more today than yesterday  
  Charades Key to my happiness  
  Francis Nero Keep on loving me  
  Pookie Hudson It gets to me  
  Jackie Edwards I feel so good  
  Arthur Prysock All I need is you tonight  
  Barbara Lynn This is the thanks I get  
  Denise LaSalle Love reputation  
  Denise LaSalle Trapped by this thing called love  
  Denise LaSalle No matter what they say  
  Denise LaSalle I get what I want  
  Denise LaSalle Here I go again  
  Eugene Record Overdose of joy  
  Jones Girls Baby don't go  
  Sam Dees What's it gonna be  
  Chi-lites Tell me where it hurts  
  Walter Jackson Not you  
  Walter Jackson Touching in the dark  
  Aretha Franklin I can't see me leaving you  
  Wee Gee In the rain  
  Dramatics A thousand shades of blue  
  Jeanie Tracy Making new friends  
  Willie Hutch Lets try it over again  
  Willie hutch Lucky to be loved  
  Three Degrees A toast to love  
  Joe Tex All the heaven a man really needs  
  Cornelious Brothers & Sister Rose I'm never gonna be alone anymore  
  Robert John Raindrops love & sunshine  
  Ace Spectrum Don't send nobody else  



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