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  Sunday May 1st, 2022 Epic-Radio  
  Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell Baby I need your loving  
  Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell This poor heart of mine  
  Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell If this world were mine  
  Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis Your gonna get next to me  
  Arthur Prysock All I need is you tonight  
  Dells Your life is so wonderful  
  Sharon McMahan Get out of my life  
  Barry White September  
  Crusaders Street Life  
  Chi Chi If your gonna love me  
  Presidents It's all over  
  Percy & them Look in the mirror of my eyes  
  Joe Leavy Love me to my soul  
  Willie Hutch Just another day  
  Greg Perry Come on down  
  Randy Brown I'm always in the mood  
  Sam Dees Roll seven  
  Sidney Joe Qualls I don't do this  
  Sidney Joe Qualls Run to me  
  Phillip Mitchell I'm going to build California from all over the world  
  Margie Joseph I can't move no mountains  
  Donny Gerrard He's always somewhere around  
  Wizdom I'm so in love with you  
  Dramatics For your love  
  Dells Whatever turns you on  
  Jackie Ross Trust in me  
  Donnie Elbert I can't help myself  
  Millie Jackson Something bout ya  
  Barry White I've found someone  
  Thelma Jones How long  
  Luther Vandross Follow my love  
  Sunday April 24th, 2022 Epic-Radio  
  Manhattans I don't want to pay the price of losing you  
  Whispers I can't see me leaving you  
  Baby Washington Just can't get you out of my mind  
  Charles Mann It's all over  
  Bobby Shannon I get my groove from you  
  Edwin Starr There you go  
  Edwin Starr Jealous  
  Sandra Richardson You can't hide from love  
  Temptations Stay  
  Black Box Fall into my love  
  Al Green Keep on pushing love  
  Jackie Wilson Nothing but blue skies  
  Esther Phillips What a difference a day makes  
  Magic Night If you and I had never met  
  Pattie & the Emblems It's those little things  
  William Devaughn Be thankful for what you've got  
  Jimmy Ruffin Hold on to love  
  Wilson Williams It's going to work out fine  
  Walter Jackson Touching in the dark  
  Garland Green Plain and simple girl  
  Committee  Give in to the power of love  
  H Andrews So tired of being lonely  
  Jacqui Williams Real love  
  Invitations Look on the good side  
  Debbie Taylor You just don't pay  
  Detroit Spinners I just want to fall in love  
  Jennifer Hudson Spotlight  
  Mandrill It's too late  
  Luther Vandross Wait for love  
  Suono feat Esther Phillips And I love him  
  Denise LaSalle Here I am again  
  Debbie Taylor I don't want to leave you  


  Sunday April 17th, 2022 Epic-Radio  
  Teddy Pendergrass When somebody loves you back  
  100% Pure Poison I keep coming back  
  Four Tops I just can't walk away  
  Eddie Holman Time will tell  
  Eddie Kendricks He's a friend  
  Originals I'm someone who cares  
  Jackie Wilson The sweetest feeling  
  Luther Vandross Still in love (remix)  
  Channel Three Sweetest thing  
  Jones Girls Baby don't go yet  
  Tyrone Davis Turn back the hands of time  
  Richie Havens Ooh child  
  Mario Biondi Stay with me  
  Saint Troprez Hold on to love  
  Stevie Wonder Pearl  
  Poets Wrapped around you finger  
  Originals I've got a need for you  
  Lou Courtney Somebody new is loving on you  
  Shirley Jones Because you love me  
  Shirley Jones Do you get enough love  
  Percy Larkins I want to see you again  
  Cecil Parker I really really love you  
  Cooking on 3 burners This girl  
  Viola Wills Together forever  
  Randy Roberts & Richard Burton Stairway to heaven  
  Chooki Booker Games  
  Dramatics Hey you get off my mountain  
  L J Reynolds Key to the world  
  Montclairs Hey you, don't fight it  
  Sharon McMahan Get out of my life  
  Chi-lites Oh girl  
  Sunday April 10th, 2022 Epic-Radio  
  Luther Vandross A house is not a home  
  Drizzabone Real Love ( real jazzy mix)  
  Drizzabone Brightest star  
  Jack Radics No matter  
  Rafael Saadiq Love that girl  
  Edwin Star There you go  
  Jennifer Hudson Spotlight  
  Leonie Fool for your loving  
  Tavares Never had a love like this before  
  Chi-lites Hot on a thing called love  
  T J Williams Baby I need you  
  Freddie Hubbard feat Jeanie Tracey Your gonna lose me  
  Lamont Dozier You Oughta Be In Pictures  
  Sharon McMahan Get out of my life  
  Dionne Warwick & The Spinners Then came you  
  Al Matthews Fool  
  Soul Bros Inc Pyramid  
  Melvin Brown & James Matthew  Love Stormy Weather  
  Topics  Booking up baby  
  Timothy Wilson It's love baby  
  Dionne Warwick Move me no mountain  
  Detroit Spinners I've got to make it on my own  
  Dramatics Whatcha see is whatcha get  
  Dynamic Superiors Don't send nobody else  
  David Ruffin Each day is a lifetime  
  Leon Bryant I can see me loving you  
  Rock Melons Love's gonna bring you home  
  Garland Green Don't let love walk out on us  
  Garland Green I've quit running the streets  
  Minits Still a part of me  
  Chi-lites Have you seen her  
  Sunday April 3rd, 2022    
  Betty Swann Make me yours  
  Stevie Wonder Do I do  
  Street People You’re my one weakness girl  
  Bobby Patterson I'm in love with you  
  Barbara Lynn Take your love and run  
  Barbara Lynn This is the thanks I get  
  Ebonys You're the reason why  
  Chi lites Tell me where it hurts  
  Betty Swann My heart is closed for the season  
  Stylistics She did a number on me  
  Charisma Band Ain't nothing like your love  
  Tony Middleton Paris Blues  
  Evie Sands Picture me gone  
  Darryl Stewart Name it and claim it  
  Robert John Raindrops, love and sunshine  
  Nolan Porter Oh baby  
  Originals Take all time you need  
  Imperial Wonders You only live once  
  Caren Cotton A little bit of love  
  Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes Wake up everybody  
  Chi Lites Never had it so good  
  Luther Vandross She's good to me  
  Sonja Greer Right here right now  
  Tashan Romantically Inspired  
  Liquideep Angel  
  Furys I'm satisfied with you  
  Fidels Try a little harder  
  Loleatta Holloway Mother of shame  
  John & the Wierdest Can't get over these memories  
  Sharon Paige If your looking for somebody to love  
  Clarence Carter Can we slip away again  
  Temptations You better beware  
  R Kelly Make the world go round  
  Kindred Family Soul Never loved you more  
  Intruders She's a winner  
  David Sanborne Neither one of us  
  Sunday March 27th, 2022    
  Marion Love Can't forget about you baby  
  Four Tees One more chance  
  Sly Slick & Wicked All I want is you  
  Etta James You can't shake it  
  Fantastic Four Take him back if it makes you happy  
  Tammi Terrell All I do is think about you  
  Tammi Terrell Tears at the end of a love affair  
  Temptations Forever in my heart  
  Kim Weston You can do it  
  Maze feat Frankie Beverley Joy & Pain  
  Maze feat Frankie Beverley Silky Soul Singer  
  Shirley Brown Joy & Pain  
  Jesse James If you want a love affair  
  Shirley Lawson One more chance  
  Candi Staton Too hurt to cry  
  Towana & Total Destruction Wear your natural baby  
  Lanier & Co I don't know  
  Lamont Dozier Going back to my roots  
  Detroit Emeralds Feel the need in me  
  Sounds of Blackness Optimistic  
  E Smooth De Ja Vu  
  Ann Nesby Let the rain fall  
  Lamont Dozier Love in the rain  
  Dramatics In the rain  
  Temptations I wish it would rain  
  David Ruffin I can't stop the rain  
  Pete Warner I just want to spend my life with you  
  Brothers Guiding Light Getting together  
  Mayberry Movement I think I'm in love  
  Bobby Thurston Just ask me  
  Johnny Baker Shy guy  
  Flaming Kings Oh Happy day  
  Margie Joseph Taking all the love I can  
  Margie Joseph I'll always love you  
  Sunday March 20th, 2022    
  Courtship Same old love  
  Honeycone If I can't fly  
  Thelma Houston I've nothing left to give  
  Daisy Hicks Sweetest feeling  
  Milira Mercy mercy me  
  Erma Franklin Whispers  
  Johnson Family Peace in the family  
  Jerry Butler One night affair  
  Essex IV My reaction to you  
  Ledisi My sensititity  
  Harlem Gospel Singers Prove me wrong  
  Norman Hutchins I really love you  
  Originals Don't stop now  
  Garland Green Girl I love you  
  Patti & the Emblems The little things you do  
  Carol Anderson Sad girl  
  Carl Carlton Live for today not for tomorrow  
  Side Effect Always there  
  Debra Laws How long do I have to wait  
  Charles Drain Just as long  
  Bobby Patterson I'm in love with you  
  Cheryl Lynn Sweet kind of life  
  Angie Stone I wasn't kidding  
  Barbara Mason Yes I'm ready ( Tom Moulton mix)  
  David Ruffin I can't stop the rain  
  Donny Gerrard He's always somewhere around  
  Danny Hunt What's happening to this love affair  
  Catch Mr Nice Guy  
  Kenny Smith Lord what's happening to your people  
  Anderson Brothers I can see him loving you  
  Franie Knuckles It's hard sometimes  
  Brian Culbertson Another love  
  Brownstone V Love Unlimited Orch If you love me  
  Cory Glover Little Girl  
  Sunday March 13th, 2022 Epic-Radio  
  Manhattans Kiss and say goodbye  
  J B Bingham All alone by the telephone  
  Brand New Thousand years  
  Trumains Ripe for the pickin  
  C L Blast Love don't feel like love no more  
  Jones Girls Baby don't go yet  
  Johnny Taylor What about my love  
  Tommy Tate If you got to love somebody  
  Anthony White Hey baby  
  Anthony White Stop and think it over  
  Carl Graves Baby hang up the phone  
  Four Tops Bits and pieces  
  Innersection Let me love you  
  Emotions Shouting out love  
  Bobby Cutchins Leaving  
  Dana Valery You babe  
  Ann Peebles If this is heaven  
  Michael Henderson Take me I'm yours  
  J P Robinson Our day is here  
  Dutch Robinson Can't get along without you  
  Luther Vandross Love it, love it  
  Bobby Womack & Lulu I'm back for more  
  David Ruffin In the cool of the night  
  David Ruffin Rainy night in Georgia  
  Timmy Thomas Why can't we live together  
  Dee Edwards (I can) Deal with that  
  Charles Drain I'm gonna stay  
  M People You just have to be there  
  Thelma Houston Saturday night Sunday morning  
  Jackie Wilson It only happens when I look at you  
  Holland & Dozier If you don't want to be in my life  
  Marvin Gaye I want to give you rspect  
  Sandra Wright I come running back  
  Sunday March 6th, 2022 Epic-Radio  
  Marvin Gaye Let's get it on (remix)  
  Bobby Womack Can't you hear the children calling  
  Bobby Womack Colour him father  
  Bobby Womack Secrets  
  Lamont Dozier Don't want nobody to come between us  
  Lamont Dozier All cried out  
  O'Jays To prove I love you  
  Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes The love I lost  
  Intruders A nice girl like you  
  J J Barnes Can't see me leaving you  
  Voices of East Harlem Cashing in  
  Anderson Brothers I can see him loving you  
  Ila Vann You made me this way  
  Ty Karim & George Griffin Keep on doing whatcha doing  
  Narbay Believe it or not  
  Kenny Thomas Crazy World  
  Randy Jackson How can I be sure  
  Sharon McMahan Get out of my life  
  Dayton Grey He won't love you like I do  
  Al Wilson La la peace song  
  David Ruffin & Laverna Mason I wanna be with you  
  Four Tops Clip my wings  
  Timi Yuro It'll never be over for me  
  Aristocrats Let's get together now  
  Debra Anderson Funny how we change places  
  Joe Tex Under your powerful love  
  Jimmy Jones Ain't nothing wrong making love  
  Luther Vandross I really didn't mean it  
  Gloria Gaynor This love affair  
  Nights Love knocked you down  
  Lou Rawls Groovy peole  
  Marvin Gaye Where are we going  
  Richard 'popcorn' Wylie How did I lose you  
  Almetta Lattimore These memories  


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