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  Sunday 16th December, 2018    
  R Kelly Up and outa here  
  Ann Nesby This weekend  
  Maysa Friendly pressure  
  Hil St Soul For your love  
  Ruby Andrews Just loving you  
  100% Pure Poison You keep coming back  
  Betty Boo Say it isn't so  
  Montclairs Hung up on your love  
  Bobby Paris I walked away  
  Bridge Crying for love  
  Solo Blowing my mind  
  Garfield Fleming Don't send me away  
  Al Green Keep on pushing love  
  C M Lord Oh mama (your daughters a woman tonight)  
  Josephine Taylor I've made up my mind  
  Manhattans I kinda miss you  
  Perri Someone like you  
  Gems for Jem Time for love  
  Aristocrats Loving you is mellow  
  Barbara Mason & The Futures Make it last  
  Winfield Parker I wanna be with you  
  Winfield Parker I'm on my way  
  Ace Spectrum Don't send nobody else  
  Bobby Thurston The very last drop  
  Bobby Patterson Everything good to you  
  Bobby Patterson I get my groove from you  
  Brothers Guiding Light Getting together  
  Ch- lites Bet you'll never be sorry  
  Debra Anderson Funny how we change places  
  Dorothy Moore Girl overboard  
  Jay Dee I can't let you go  
  Sunday 9th December, 2018    
  Mather & Kingdon Babylove  
  Lyfe Jennings I love you  
  Kenny Thomas Act like you know  
  Kenny Wells Isn't it just a shame  
  Little Ann What should I do  
  Four Tops Seven rooms of gloom  
  Levi Stubbs I've been blessed  
  Bobby Taylor Don't be afraid  
  Eddie Kendricks Date with the rain  
  David Ruffin Each day is a lifetime  
  Stevie Wonder Do I do  
  Trammps Stop & think  
  Richard Caiton I'd like to get near you  
  J B Bingham All alone by the telephone  
  Jesse James If you want a love affair  
  Bessie Banks Don't worry baby, the best is yet to come  
  Bobby Reed The time is right for love  
  Bobby Reed If you don't love me  
  Johnnie Taylor What about my love  
  Lamont Dozier Love in the rain  
  Sunburst Band Everyday  
  Cee Lo Green I want you  
  Al Olive Slow down  
  Black Sience Orchestra Sunshine  
  Otis Redding I've got dreams to remember  
  Otis Redding That's how strong my love is  
  Otis Redding My lover's prayer  
  Debbie Taylor Just don't pay  
  Randy Brown I want to make love to you  
  Ila Vann You made me this way  
  Carl Weathers You ought to be with me  
  Supremes Stormy  
  Originals Baby I'm for real  
  Sunday 2nd December, 2018    
  Vivian Copeland Oh no not my baby  
  Jerry Butler One night affair  
  Seville Show me the way  
  Lil Major Williams Gir don't leave me  
  Joesphine Taylor I've made up my mind  
  Sharen Clarke & the Product of Time That's a good reason  
  Bernadette Bascom I dont wanna lose your love  
  Sam Green You are  
  Chi lites When temptations comes  
  Eugene Record Where you are  
  Eugene Record Overdose of joy  
  Johnny Taylor You’re the best in the world  
  Art Gentry This is my chance  
  Clydene Jackson I need your love  
  C B Overton If I can't stop you  
  Dottie Pearson A house made of love  
  Dottie Pearson Bring it over baby  
  Maze Joy & Pain  
  Johnny Bristol Hang on in there baby  
  Johnny Bristol Love no longer has a hold on me  
  Originals Don't stop now  
  Melvin Moore All of a sudden  
  Melvin Davis You made me over  
  Patterson Twins I need your love  
  Five Special The more I get to know you  
  Sonja Grier Right here, right now  
  Rahsaan Patterson I'll go  
  Maysa Hypnotic Love  
  Mr Day Soul on wax  
  Ola Onabule Soul town  
  Ambelique Talk like that  
  Sunday 25th November, 2018    
  Wilton Felder Inherit the wind  
  Nolan Porter If I could only be sure  
  Tobi Legend Time will pass you by  
  Benny Troy I wanna give you tomorrow  
  Ernest Ernie & the Sincerities Do something   
  Bernadette Bascom I dont wanna lose your love  
  Change Searching ft Luther Vandross (figo sound version)  
  Dells Thinking of you  
  Dells Closer  
  Dells It's all up to you  
  Four Tops Can't seem to get you out of my mind  
  Edwin Starr Gonna keep on trying till I win your love  
  Gladys Knight & the Pips I've got to use my imagination  
  Bill Brandon Streets got my lady  
  John Edwards Ain't that good enough  
  Hamilton Movement Shes gone  
  Blackbirds Walking in rhythm  
  Gloria Scott (a case of) Too much love making  
  Lamont Dozier Breaking out all over  
  Barry White Can't get enough of your love baby  
  Bobby Taylor Don't be afraid  
  J J Barnes I can't see me leaving you  
  Charles Drain Just as long  
  Richie Havens Ooh Child  
  Lil Major Williams Gir don't leave me  
  Bobby Thurston Very last drop  
  L V Johnson Recipe  
  Rhetta Hughes Cry myself to sleep  
  Connor Reeves Joy  
  Jack Radics No matter  
  Aretha Franklin It only happens when I look at you  
  Temptations Lady Soul  
  Sunday 18th November, 2018    
  Darrell Banks I'm the one who loves you  
  Ike & Tina Turner Somebody somewhere needs you  
  Temprees At last  
  Johnny Taylor Friday night  
  William Bell Happy  
  Velvet Hammer Happy  
  Pete Warner I just want to spend my life with you  
  Brothers Guiding Light Getting together  
  Mayberry Movement I think I'm in love  
  Bobby Thurston Just ask me  
  Johnny Baker Shy guy  
  Jerry Butler One night affair  
  Dells Happy song  
  Flaming Kings Oh Happy day  
  Chuck Jackson Hand it over  
  Chuck Jackson What am I going to do  
  Millie Jackson Love Doctor  
  Dee Dee Sharpe Happy about the whole thing  
  Margie Joseph Taking all the love I can  
  Margie Joseph I'll always love you  
  Side Effect Always there  
  Debra Laws How long do I have to wait  
  Charles Drain Just as long  
  Bobby Patterson I'm in love with you  
  Cheryl Lynn Sweet kind of life  
  Angie Stone I wasn't kidding  
  Barbara Mason Yes I'm ready ( Tom Moulton mix)  
  David Ruffin I can't stop the rain  
  Donny Gerrard He's always somewhere around  
  Danny Hunt What's happening to this love affair  
  Catch Mr Nice Guy  
  Kenny Smith Lord what's happening to your people  
  Anderson Brothers I can see him loving you  
  Franie Knuckles It's hard sometimes  
  Brian Culbertson Another love  
  Brownstone V Love Unlimited Orch If you love me  
  Sunday 11th November, 2018    
  Dionne Warwick Friends can be lovers  
  Dionne Warwick Move me no mountain  
  Sly Slick & Wicked All I want is you  
  Garnett Mimms Somebody some place  
  Jimmy Castor Just you girl  
  Artistics This heart of mine  
  Jason Knight Our love is getting stronger  
  Drifters Baby what I mean  
  Charles Johnson Good good loving  
  Charles Johnson Never had a love so good  
  Philly Devotions Just can't say goodbye  
  Philly Devotions Hurt so good  
  Harlod Melvin & the Blue Notes The love I lost  
  Detroit Spinners I just want to fall in love  
  Ebony Alleyne In love with a stranger  
  David Ruffin Heaven help us all  
  Arthur Miles Tripping on your love  
  Marie Franklin Being in love ain't easy  
  Dorothy Moore Girl overboard  
  Betty Wright Keep feelin'  
  Sharon Paige New to you  
  Babara Hall You brought it on yourself  
  Mary J Blige Never too much  
  Luther Vandross You really started something  
  Glenn Jones Keep on doin'  
  Ramsey Lewis Spring high  
  Richie Havens I can't make it anymore  
  Ultimates Girl I've been trying to tell you  
  Charles Drain Is this really love  
  Emotions Stealing love  
  David Ruffin & Laverna Mason I wanna be with you  
  Alicia Keys You don't know my name  
  Sunday 4th November 2018    
  Vivian Reed Save your love for me  
  Bill Harris Am I cold, am I hot  
  Bobby Taylor There are roses somewhere in this world  
  Brenton Wood better believe it  
  Davis Ruffin On and off  
  Mel Williams Sweet little girl of mine  
  Ramsey Lewis Spring High  
  3rd Time Round Soon everythings gonna be alright  
  Betty Wright Where is the love  
  Van Dykes Save my love for a rainy day  
  Devonnes Pick up my toys  
  Brief Encounter (don't you see) I'm crazy bout you  
  Chi-Lites Go away dream  
  Chi-Lites When temptation comes  
  Dee Edwards I can deal with that  
  Eddie Kendricks All of my love  
  Al Wilson Going through the motions  
  John Edwards Messing up a good thing  
  Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes Wake up everybody  
  Chi Lites Never had it so good  
  Luther Vandross She's good to me  
  Sonja Greer Right here right now  
  Tashan Romantically Inspired  
  Liquideep Angel  
  Furys I'm satisfied with you  
  Fidels Try a little harder  
  Loleatta Holloway Mother of shame  
  John & the Wierdest Can't get over these memories  
  Sharon Paige If your looking for somebody to love  
  Clarence Carter Can we slip away again  
  Temptations You better beware  
  R Kelly Make the world go round  
  Kindred Family Soul Never loved you more  
  David Sanborne Neither one of us  


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