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  Sunday January 16th, 2022 Epic-Radio  
  Teddy Pendergrass Turn off the lights  
  Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis Your gonna get next to me  
  Robert John Raindrops, love & sunshine  
  Dennis Edwards  feat Siedah Garrett Don't look any further  
  Change The glow of love  
  Clarence Carter Messing with your mind  
  Womack & Womack Life is a ballgame  
  Jones Girls Baby don't go yet  
  Clydie King Missing my baby  
  Futures You better be certain  
  Futures Do unto others  
  Aristocrats Let's get together now  
  Tommy Tate If you got to love somebody  
  Stevie Wonder I want my baby back  
  Stevie Wonder Place in the sun  
  Barbara Pennington 24 hours in a day  
  Bobby Sheen Sweet sweet love  
  Z Z Hill Make me yours  
  William Bell The man in the street  
  Wilson Williams I like being in love with you  
  Leon Ware What's your name  
  Stevens & Foster I want to be love  
  Wee Try me  
  Ujima I'm not ready  
  Four Wonders Just looking for my love  
  Wizdom I'm so in love with you  
  Lamont Dozier Take off your make up  
  Bobby Thurston Very last drop  
  Buddy miles Just a kiss away  
  Pointers Sisters Send him back (Pilloski remix)  
  Blacksmoke Sunshine roses and rainbows  
  Gary Toms Empire Love me right  
  Don Downing Lonely days, lonely nights  
  Tempests Someday  
  Mary Gresham I'll never let you walk alone  
  Sunday January 9th, 2022 Epic-Radio  
  Shirley Brown Who is Betty  
  Wilson Williams I think it's going to work out fine  
  Temptations Lady Soul  
  Jimmy Ruffin Too busy thinking bout my baby  
  L J Reynolds Key to the world  
  Jackie Wilson It only happens when I look at you  
  Teddy Pendergrass I just called to say  
  Holland Dozier Holland Why can't we be lovers  
  Willie Pickett On the stage of life  
  Timothy Wilson I must love you  
  Timothy Wilson It's love baby  
  L J Reynolds Come get to this  
  L J Reynolds What's the matter baby  
  Dramatics Hey you get off my mountain  
  Denise Lasalle Here I am again  
  Whispers I can't see me leaving you  
  Philadelphia All stars Let's clean up the ghetto  
  Marvin Gaye I'm gonna give you respect  
  Bobby Reed If I don't love you  
  Bobby Reed The time is right for love  
  Robert Parker I caught you in a lie  
  Kings go Forth Don't take my shadow  
  Al Mason Good lovin'  
  Elgins Don't wait round  
  Greg Diamond & Bionic Boogie Hot butterfly  
  Johnny Bristol Love takes tears  
  Charles Drain If this is really love  
  Clyde McPhatter Please give me one more chance  
  Eddie Kendricks Date with the rain  
  Garland Green I've quit running the streets  
  Ty Karim & George Griffin Keep on doing whatcha doing  
  Willie Hutch Just another day  
  David Ruffin & Laverna Mason I wanna be with you  
  Sunday January 2nd, 2022 Epic-Radio  
  Impressions Choice of colour  
  Bobby Womack Across 110th street (demo version)  
  Jay Dee I can't let you go  
  J B Bingham All alone by the telephone  
  Lou Courtney Somebody new is loving on you  
  Chi-lites When temptation comes  
  Street People Your my one weakness girl  
  Fantasy I'll call you tomorrow  
  Bobby Harden & the Soulful Saints Feels so good  
  David Ruffin I can't stop the rain  
  Chi Chi If your gonna love me  
  Eliminators Love explosion  
  Major Harris Loving you is mellow  
  Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell If this world were mine  
  Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell Your all I need to get by  
  Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell Your precious love  
  Brothers By Choice Oh darling  
  Atlantic Starr Circles  
  Aretha Franklin Oh no not my baby  
  Aretha Franklin Take me with you  
  Jimmy Ruffin Take me back  
  Dottie Pearson A house made of love  
  Lew Kirton Something special  
  Leroy Hutson Love oh love  
  Barry White September (when I first met you)  
  Sharon McMahan Get out my life  
  Gary Bartz Keep going on  
  Mystic Merlin Mr Magician  
  Pulse Sunshine  
  Tavares feat Freda Payne I wanna see you soon  
  100% Pure Poison You keep coming back  
  Melvin Moore All of a sudden  
  Topics  Booking up baby  
  Ultimates Girl I've been trying to tell you  
  Sunday December 26th, 2021 Epic-Radio  
  C C Groove Factory You know how to love me  
  Larry Houston Let's spend some time together  
  Alicia Keyes Karmastition  
  Aretha Franklin Wonderful  
  Jesse James If you want a love affair  
  Jackie Wilson This love is real  
  C M Lord Oh Mama (your daughters a woman tonight)  
  Bobby Womack Give it up  
  Luther Vandross Never too much  
  Eugene Record Overdose of joy  
  Originals I've got a need for you  
  Marvin Gaye Come get to this  
  Jennifer Hudson Spotlight  
  Monophonics Last man standing  
  Mark IV I knew it wouldn't last  
  Smokie Norful I got what you need  
  Rockie Robins Let's groove  
  Trumains Ripe for the pickin  
  Norris Vines Give in  
  Carla Whitney I've been hurt so many times  
  Sandra Wright Midnight affair  
  Curtis Anderson The hardest part  
  Denise LaSalle Here I am again  
  J J Barnes Got to get rid of you  
  Garland Green Girl I love you  
  Bobby Hutton Come see (what's left of me)  
  Bobby Patterson I'm in love with you  
  Aretha Franklin Until you come back to me (that's what I'm gonna do)  
  Temptations Stay  
  Bobby Taylor Don't be afraid  
  J J Barnes I can't see me leaving you  
  Art Gentry This is my chance  
  Millie Jackson Something bout cha  
  Sunday December 19th, 2021 Epic-Radio  
  Betty Swann This old heart of mine  
  Tearra Just loving you  
  Emotions Stealing love  
  Marvelettes I'll keep holding on  
  Marvelettes Reaching for something I vcan't have  
  Marvelettes When you’re your and in love  
  Jimmy James and the Vagabonds Hey girl  
  Aristocrats Let's get together now  
  Bessie Banks Don't worry baby, the best is yet to come  
  Silk I can't stop turning you on  
  O'Jays Time to get down  
  Vivian Reed Save your love for me  
  Jones Girls Baby don't go yet  
  Street People Your my one weakness girl  
  Peabo Bryson Reaching for the Sky  
  Ebonys I'm so glad I'm me  
  Ebonys Do you like the way I love  
  Marvin Gaye It's madness  
  Lamont Dozier Trying to hold on to my woman  
  Baby Washington Just can't get you out of my mind  
  Jean Carn Bet your lucky star  
  Goldie Alexander Go back  
  Corey Blake How can I go on without you  
  Bobby Sheen Something new to do  
  Phillip Mitchell I'm gonna build Caiifornia from all over the world  
  Bobby Sheen Sweet sweet love  
  Basic Black & Pearl There'll come a time, there'll come a day  
  Jae Mason Woman (you got to be there)  
  Paul Kelly You made me tremble  
  Barbara Lynn This is the thanks I get  
  Lonnie Hill Cold Winter in the ghetto  
  Sunday December 12th, 2021 Epic-Radio  
  Trammps Promise me  
  Philadelphia All stars Let's clean up the ghetto  
  Neo Smile  
  Johnny Taylor What about my love  
  Archie Bell & the Drells Gonna be a showdown  
  Tavares Heaven must be missing an angel  
  Tavares Don't take away the music  
  Tavares Never had a love like this before  
  Tavares Too late  
  Otis Redding That's how strong my love is  
  Otis Redding Pain in my heart  
  Otis Redding (sitting on) The dock of the bay (1st take)  
  O'Jays 992 Arguments  
  O'Jays Start stopping  
  Four Tops In these changing times  
  Natural Four I thought you were mine  
  Natural Four Hanging on to a lie  
  Darrell Banks I'm the one who loves you  
  Vivalore Jordon All work and no play  
  Bobby Kline Say something nice to me  
  Tempest I don't want to lose you  
  Sunbust Band Sunshine  
  Darrell Banks Beautiful feeling  
  Darrell Banks Forgive me  
  Darrell Banks Only the strong survive  
  Rockie Robins You and me  
  Rockie Robins hang tough  
  Isaac Hayes  Love has been good to us  
  Basic Black & Pearl There'll come a time, there'll come a place  
  Denise LaSalle When we're making love  


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