The most often question we get asked is which are the nearest hotels to Vivo, well I have complied a list of some of the more popular and added peoples comments about them


All these can be found on our Facebook page


Ole Tropical                           Ole Tropical fantastic we stayed there the other year 

We stayed at Ole Tropical and loved it   

We have stayed at Ole Tropical 3 times loved it x

We stayed in the Ole Tropical all inclusive.

It's a  nice hotel, although the food wasn't very good, would be ideal on a room only basis


Parasol del Sol                       Stayed in the Parisio del Sol, basic apartment but clean and very reasonable.

Las Terrazas Carib                Stayed at Caribe  Basic, clean apartment

                                                Stayed at Carib last April staying again this April basic apartments but we thought it was good loved it there.

Oro Negro                               Oro Negro is lovely

Oro Negro is a lovely clean place and the food is brilliant couldn't fault it at all 

Oro Negro is lovely staff lovely food lovely and hotel clean

Stayed in Ora Negro good hotel clean and food very nice

Gala                                        Just back from Hotel Gala - donít use it! 

Brits we meet were smashing but itís a multi national hotel + many guests were rude & ignorant

Vanilla Gardens                     Vanilla Gardens was superb!

Columbus                               We stayed at Columbus it's very basic but adequate biggest down fall pools are freezing. Friendly staff

Just home from Columbus hotel . Really lovely x

Stayed at Columbus for November sits, decent hotel, food nice, drinks ok, nice and clean, most of the staff were very friendly, have stayed here a few times over the years and it seems to improve year on year

Tenerife Sol                            Great hotel, plenty going on really friendly staff and handy for everything.

Tigotan                                   Tigotan was 1st class

Tigotan is by far the best

Piramedes                              Stayed at Piramides twice and it's nice

Las Floritas                            We stayed at the Las Floritas apartments. It is quite basic but clean and tidy lovely pools and pool bar serving nice food and good price too we would certainly go there again




We have soul nights every night from about 8 pm till 2. And afternoon sessions every day from 1 till 5.00.  Details for DJs etc will be in the programme.  Our all dayers start at 2 pm


Every year the local bars and clubs will try to cash in on Soul in the Sun. Things are very quiet in Tenerife and for this week every year bar owners become Northern Soul fans.


Once again we will be having  two rooms. The open air area will be used during the days, and at nights from 8 till midnight.


This area will be themed with everything from The Twisted Wheel to Modern Anthems.


The main inside room will be our usual mix of great Soul Sounds and will be open from 9 pm till 2 am.


All DJs and times are in the programme that you will get when you arrive along with your wristband.


We are having our Fancy Dress day on the Monday afternoon, starting at 2 pm, there is no theme, so you can use your imagination and come as anything you fancy!!!!


On Wednesday it is our Scottish Day which is always a great day. And this time we have got an all-day licence, so we will be starting at 2 pm and carrying on right through.




There are new rules governing under 18s in clubs. no one under the age of 18 is allowed into Soul in the Sun I'm afraid




Some virgins often think that they wonít bother dressing up this year, they will see what itís all about and dress up next time!


They all say they wished that they had taken part, as they felt left out.   So go on and get organised.


Our last ďofficial nightĒ at Soul in the Sun is Thursday 7th November is a ďShite Shirt NightĒ 


Now the ladies are feeling left out, but when I suggested a Shite Dress night I was told ď Iím not wearing a shite dress for anybodyĒ which is fair enough. 


So for you ladies lets call it a BLING NIGHT.  (luminous bangles, flashing thingies etc etc)




The wristbands will be given out when you check in on your first night. They must be worn at all times in Magma.  This will enable the doorman to spot anyone who is not with us trying to get in.


Iím sorry but they MUST be visible at all times, if the are too big, or two small, or you are allergic to them and cannot wear them on your wrist, you will have to dangle them round your neck as they  must be easily on show.


Anyway, anyone not wearing one will not get served at the bar!  If we see anyone inside not wearing a wristband, they will be asked to leave.


MUSIC & THE DJ's     


Our music policy is SOUL, and you will be hearing all sorts ranging from Oldies, Modern, R&B, Tamla Motown, Crossover, Club Classics,  60ís, 70ís 80ís 90ís Y2K, and maybe even an odd Jazz Funk record, but all with one thing in common  S O U L 


All the DJs have been asked to mix it up, so we won't have to endure an hour of R & B (thank God) or indeed an hour of modern. 


I guarantee that you will go away with a massive wants list. It was really nice the other year when a self-confessed oldies-only fan came up and said that we have opened his eyes to other soul music.


It was also nice when a ďmodernĒ guy said how much he had enjoyed listening to some of those oldies that you donít hear every day.


Like I always say to the DJs, "your job is to entertain the rest of the gang WHO ARE ON HOLIDAY, and it is not the time to try and impress people with a load of stuff that they will not have heard". 


An odd one or two are great but no-one wants a full hour long session of unknowns when they are on holiday.


For something a little different check out the afternoon sessions. These are a great way to hear different music that we donít get to play at nights.


I think  thereís nothing better on a nice sunny day than sitting outside, watching the world go by, listening to some great soul music in the company of like minded people.


Itís a great chance to meet some new friends as well.


Of course this is your holiday and you are free to come and go from ViVOS as you wish. 


We all like to have a nice meal before we go out, and itís good to know that when we get to the venue, the music will be there for us, but please give a thought for the early DJs.


They are there for us, and we should be supporting them.




The temperature in Tenerife is usually around 23 degs, which is spot on.


Letís hope it is, which for some causes another headache!  If you are not accustomed to the sun it can be a real problem.


I suggest that if you tend to burn easily buy some P20 from Superdrug, or the duty free at the airport.


There is a similar one now called Calipso which is available from Body Shop and is half the price. You put it on in the morning just before you go out, and then forget about it.


Itís expensive but I reckon for those with delicate skin itís worth its weight in gold.




I always remember after one Soul in the Sun, one guy told me that he hadnít enjoyed himself, and that no-one had bothered talking to them. 


I know this chap and had spoken to him most nights, but had never seen him go over and talk to any other people. 


I think they expected everyone to run to them.


You only get out, what you are prepared to put in.


EVERYONE at Soul in the Sun wants to make more friends, so if you see another couple sat by themselves, go over and have a chat.


When you go into the bar, donít go and sit at a table by yourselves, go and sit with someone. I promise you that is what they are hoping for.




To finish withÖ  


For those of you who have not been to Soul in the Sun before, you are going to have the holiday of a lifetime, I promise you.


You are going to meet loads of new friends, and it is going to cost you a fortune in Christmas Cards!       


Eddy & Sugarlips