A big well done and thank you to Dave Griffiths ( Griff)

who has done a mix of the first 12 CDs that we gave out at So Soulful 70's

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    Track Listings

CD 12   -   May 4th, 2013

Marvin Gaye - Praise (Steve Plumb)
William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You've Got (1980) (Steve Plumb)
Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You (Edddy Edmondson)
Buddy Miles - I'm Just A Kiss Away (Edddy Edmondson)
Delegation - The Promise Of Love (Dave "Griff" Griffiths)
Bobby McClure - You Bring Out The Love In Me (Dave "Griff" Griffiths)
The Controllers - Feeling A Feeling (Dave "Griff" Griffiths)
The Four Tracks - Charade (Steve Plumb)
Jackie Wilson - Don't You Know I Love You (Dave "Griff" Griffiths)
Keni Lewis - Ain't Gonna Make It Easy (Steve Connor)
Willie Tee - Teasing You Again (Steve Connor)
Jimmie Delphs - Do You Know What I Mean (Steve Connor)
Annette Poindexter & Pieces Of Peace - Wayward Dream (Steve Connor)
Jo Armstead - There's Not Too Many More Left Like Him (Steve Connor)
Lew Kirton - Come On With It (Dave "Griff" Griffiths)
Al Wilson - Fifty Fifty (Dave "Griff" Griffiths)
The Originals - Ooh You (Put A Crush On Me) (Edddy Edmondson)
Mojoba - Say You Wili (Steve Plumb)
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson - Willing (Steve Plumb)
Jackie Wilson - What You Gonna Do About Love (Edddy Edmondson)
Dynells - Call On Me (Edddy Edmondson)
Sonny Till - Tears and Misery (Steve Connor)
Vivian Copeland - Chaos (Steve Plumb)
The Moments - It Dont Rain in My Backyard (Edddy Edmondson)

CD 11   -   March 2nd, 2013

Ike Noble - Your Love (Steve Plumb)
Johnny Johnson - I Don't Know Why (Clive Farley)
Debbie Taylor - Just Dont Pay (Eddy Edmondson)
The Originals - Good Lovin Is Just A Dime Away (Eddy Edmondson)
Dyson's Faces - Welcome To All This Love Again (Roger Williams)
Lifestyle - Katrina (Clive Farley)
Tavares And Freda Payne - I Wanna See You Soon (Steve Plumb)
Margie Joseph - Takin' All The Love I Can (Eddy Edmondson)
Ray Hines - Why Don't You Give Me A Try (Steve Plumb)
Lee Williams & The Cymbals - A Girl From A Country Town (Steve Plumb)
Jerry Butler - Let's Make Love (Eddy Edmondson)
N'Cole - You're Gonna Need This Love (Clive Farley)
Al Hudson And The Soul Partners - Trying To Prove My Love (Roger Williams)
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes (Feat. Sharon Paige) - If You're Looking For Someone To Love (Roger Williams)
Bloodstone - Just Wanna Get The Feel Of It (Clive Farley)
Willie Hutch - Get Ready For The Get Down ((Roger Williams)
Leroy Hutson - I Think Im Falling In Love (Roger Williams)
Original Drifters - Just Let Your Heart Be Your Guide (Steve Plumb)
West Wing - Im Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby (Roger Williams)
Temptations - Aiming At Your Heart (Clive Farley)
Johnny Bristol - Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me (Eddy Edmondson)
Arthur Prysock - All I Need Is You Tonight (Clive Farley)


CD 10   -   January 5th, 2013

Stevens & Foster - I Want Be Love (Steve Clayton)
Aristocrats - Let's Get Together Now (Eddy Edmondson)
Otis Clay - Special Kind Of Love (Bob Taylor)
Tavasco - Love Is Trying To Get A Hold On Me (Steve Clayton)
Mighty Clouds of Joy - Glow Love (Steve Plumb)
Four Wonders - Just Looking For My Love (Bob Taylor)
Alex Brown - I'm Not Responsible (Steve Clayton)
Bobby Womack - Tried And Convicted (Eddy Edmondson)
Aretha Franklin - Don't Let Me Lose This Dream (Steve Plumb)
Debbie Taylor - Cheaper In The Long Run (Steve Plumb)
Rhetta Hughes - Cry Myself To Sleep (Eddy Edmondson)
The Lovelites - My Conscience (Bob Taylor)
Debbie Taylor - Never Gonna Let Him Know (Eddy Edmondson)
Daybreak - Everything Man (Steve Clayton)
The Ultimates - Girl, I've Been Trying To Tell You (Steve Clayton)
Tony & Tandy - Bitter With The Sweet (bob taylor)
Bobby Sheen - Sweet Sweet Love (Eddy Edmondson)
James Bell & Highlighters - Amazing Love (Steve Plumb)
The Impalas - Speed Up (Steve Plumb)
Marvin Smith - Who Will Do Your Running Now (Bob Taylor)
Shirley Alston - Cant Stop Singin (Steve Plumb)
Delegates Of Soul - I'll Come Running Back (Bob Taylor)
Betty Everett - You're Falling In Love (Eddy Edmondson)
Tony Troutman - What's The Use (Steve Clayton)

CD 9   -   November 23rd, 2012

Randolph Brown - It Ain't Like It Used To Be (Ian Nicol)
Tyrone Edwards - Can't Get Enough Of You (Eddy Edmondson)
Chi-Lites - All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You (Steve Plumb)
Bobby Thurston - Very Last Drop (Steve Plumb)
Norris Vines and The Luvlines - Give In (Ian Nicol)
Oliver Cheatham - Dont Pop The Question If You Cant Take The Answer (Steve Plumb)
Freda Payne - Tell Me Please (Bob Cosby)
Latimore - Somethin Bout Cha (Steve Plumb)
Lew Kirton - Something Special (Bob Cosby)
Miss Louistine-I Dont Want To Love Nobody But You (Eddy Edmondson)
Platters - Surrender your love (Bob Cosby)
Robert John - Cant Stop Loving You (Eddy Edmondson)
Dynamic Superiors - You're What I Need (Ian Nicol)
C L Blast - Love Don't Feel Like Love No More (Eddy Edmondson)
Ad-Libs - I Don't Need A Fortune Teller (Bob Cosby)
The Ebonys -You're The Reason Why (Ian Nicol)
Paris - I Choose You (Steve Plumb)
Willie Hutch - When A Boy Falls in Love (Bob Cosby)
Gene Townsel - I'm Walking Away (Bob Cosby)
Melvin Davis- You Made Me Over (Eddy Edmondson)
Bessie Banks - Dont You Worry Baby The Best Is Yet To Come (Steve Plumb)
Lew Kirton - Talk To Me Eddy Edmondson)
Jay W McGee - I Love You (Over & Over) (Ian Nicol)

CD 8   -   August 24th, 2012 ( 1st change of Venue)

Final Touch - I'm Ready To Give Up My Love (Pete Meadows)
Natural Four - Love's So Wonderful (Steve Plumb)
Donn Thomas - How Can I Help But Love You (Steve Plumb)
Gloria Scott - That's What You Say (Brian "Flanny" Flanders)
Freda Payne - I Hear Rumours (Pete Meadows)
Gwen McCrae - He Keeps Something Groovy Going On (Pete Meadows)
The Topics - Booking Up Baby (Eddy Edmondson)
Hot Sauce - Bring It Home (And Give It To Me) (Eddy Edmondson)
Sweet Rain - Love Don't Go Away (Steve Plumb)
Loleatta Holloway - I know Where Youre Coming From (Steve Plumb)
Calif. Malibus - Love In My Life (Steve Plumb)
Detroit Emeralds - Long Live The King (Steve Plumb)
The Continental Four - The Way I Love You Baby (Eddy Edmondson)
Barrett Strong - Surrender (Pete Meadows)
Barbara Lynn - This Is The Thanks I Get (Brian "Flanny" Flanders)
Maxine Brown - Bella Mia (Pete Meadows)
Edwin Starr - Jealous (Pete Meadows)
J J Barnes - Can't See Me Leaving You (Eddy Edmondson)
Sidney Joe Qualls - Where The Lillies Grow (Brian "Flanny" Flanders)
The Checkmates Ltd - Take All The Time You Need (Eddy Edmondson)
Richard Caiton - I'm Gonna Love You More ( Brian" Flanny" Flanders)
The Trumains - Ripe For The Pickin (Eddy Edmondson)
Soul Generation - Sailing (Brian "Flanny" Flanders)
Frederick Knight - When It Ain't Right With My Baby (Brian "Flanny" Flanders)


CD 7  -   June 2nd, 2012

Archie Bell & The Drells - Real Good Feeling (Steve Plumb)
The Philly Devotions - I Just Can't Say Goodbye (Eddy Edmondson)
The Impressions - I'll Always Be Here (Steve Connor)
Anacostia - What Kind Of Love (Steve Plumb)
Gifted Four - Are You Choosing (Derek Smith)
The Hesitations - Is This The Way To Treat A Girl (Steve Plumb)
T & T - Something On My Mind (Steve Connor)
The Dells - Closer (Steve Connor)
Lonnie Hill - Galveston Bay (Eddy Edmondson)
Holland-Dozier-Holland - Why Can't We Be Lovers (eddy)
Garfield Fleming - Don't Send Me Away (Eddy Edmondson)
Barbara Lewis - Thankful For What I've Got (Steve Connor)
Corey Blake - How Can I Go On Without You (Derek Smith)
Jacqueline Jones - A Frown On My Face (Derek Smith)
Betty Everett - My Love To Lean On (Steve Connor)
Fat Larry's Band - Stubborn Kind Of Fellow (Derek Smith)
The T.S.U. Toronadoes - What Good Am I (Eddy Edmondson)
Freddy Butler - That's When I Need You (Derek Smith)
The Fabulous Playmates - Don't Turn Your Back On Love (Steve Plumb)
Jimmy Mack - A Woman Is Hard To Understand (Steve Plumb)
Randy Brown - I'm Always In The Mood (Eddy Edmondson)
Ujima - I'm Not Ready (Derek Smith)
Liberty - Girl You Better Wake Up (Instrumental) (Steve Plumb)
New Way - Holding On (Steve Connor)

CD 6  -   April 28th, 2012

Sons Of Robin Stone - I'm Ready To Give Up My Love (jem booth)
Denise Lasalle - No Matter What They Say (kev jones)
Luther Vandross - Follow My Love (eddy)
Otis Williams - Take Me Back (jem booth)
Vessie Simmons - I Can Make It On My Own (plumby)
Baby Washington - Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind (eddy)
Bunny Sigler - Keep smilin' (jem booth)
Al Wilson - Going Through The Motions (kev jones)
Dynamic Superiors - One Nighter (jem booth)
Four Tops - Save It For A Rainy Day (kev jones)
Mayberry Movement - I Think I'm in Love (eddy)
Reuben Howell - You Can't Stop A Man In Love (eddy)
Revelation - Where It's Warm (kev jones)
Lamont Dozier - Take Off Your Make Up (eddy)
Marvin Gaye - I'm Gonna Give You Respect (eddy)
Charen Cotton - A little Bit Of Love (kev jones)
Willie Mallory - You Went Back On What You Said (plumby)
Rock Candy - Alone With No Love (plumby)
Jay & The Techniques - Don't Ask Me To Forget (plumby)
The joneses - Lies (kev jones)
Mike James Kirkland - Give It To Me (plumby)
Leroy Brown - Real Love (jem booth)
Nolan Porter - Oh Baby (plumby)
Wilson Pickett - How Will I Ever Know (plumby)
Clyde Brown - You Call Me Back (jem booth)

CD 5  -   February 18th, 2012

Major Harris - Loving You Is Mellow (Bob Hinsley)
Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis - Your Gonna Get Next To Me (Eddy Edmondson)
Garland Green - Don't Let Love Walk Out On Us (Eddy Edmondson)
City Limits - Words Without Love (Steve Plumb)
Freddie Hubbard feat. Jeanie Tracy - You're Gonna Lose Me (Bob Hinsley)
Vernon Burch - I'll Be Your Sunshine (Clive Farley)
Originals - I've Got A Need For You (Eddy Edmondson)
Jr. Walker & The All-Stars - Gotta Hold Onto This Feeling (Clive Farley)
David Ruffin - Each Day Is A Lifetime (Eddy Edmondson)
Tom Brock - I Love You More And More (Clive Farley)
Letta Mbulu - Open Your Heart (Clive Farley)
Silk - I Can't Stop (Turning You On) (Clive Farley)
Dexter Wansel Featuring Jean Carn - The Sweetest Pain (Clive Farley)
Towana & The Total Destruction - Wear Your Natural, Baby (Eddy Edmondson)
Impressions - Wherever She Leadeth Me (Bob Hinsley)
Steelers - Disturbing Thoughts (Steve Plumb)
Kenny Smith - Lord What's Happening To Your People (Bob Hinsley)
Janice Saddler & Jammers - My Baby's Coming Home To Stay (Steve Plumb)
Young Divines - Deep In Your Heart (Steve Plumb)
James Bynum - Time Passes By (Bob Hinsley)
Philip James - Keep On Loving (Steve Plumb)
Detroit Spinners - I've Got To Make It On My Own (eddy)
Mandrill - My Kind Of Girl (Bob Hinsley)
Barrett Strong - Is It True (Steve Plumb)

CD 4  -   December 17th, 2011

Invitations - Living - Together Is Keeping Us Apart (Steve Plumb)
100% Pure Poison - You Keep Coming Back (Bob Taylor)
Goldie Alexander - Go Back (Steve Plumb)
Bobby Patterson - I'm In Love With You (Eddy Edmondson)
Danny Williams - All Those Lies (Matty Sherlo)

Rance Allen - I Know A Man Who (Steve Plumb)
Modulations - Your Love Has Me Locked Up (Eddy Edmondson)
Imperial Wonders - You Live Only Once (Bob Taylor)
Jean Plum - Here I Go Again (Bob Taylor)
Paul Kelly - You Make Me Tremble (Matty Sherlock)
Jae Mason - Woman (You've Gotta Be There) (Matty Sherlock)
Tommy Tate - I Can't Do Enough For You Baby (Matty Sherlock)
Ann Sexton - I'm His Wife, Girl Your Just A Friend (Matty Sherlock)
John Roberts - To Be My Girl (Bob Taylor)
Minits - Still A Part Of Me (Bob Taylor)
Grover Mitchell - What Hurts (Eddy Edmondson)
Betty Everett - Unlucky Girl (Eddy Edmondson)
The Stylistics - She Did A Number On Me (Steve Plumb)
The Whispers - Where There Is Love (Steve Plumb)
Bill Brandon - The Streets Got My Lady (Bob Taylor)
Willie Pickett - On The Stage Of Life (Steve Plumb)
Eddie Kendricks - He's A Friend (Eddy Edmondson)
Joseph Webster - My Love Is Strong (Matty Sherlock)
The Moments - Just Having Your Love (Eddy Edmondson)

CD  3  -  September 17th, 2011

Street People - Youre My One Weakness Girl (Pete Meadows)
Gloria Gaynor - This Love Affair (Pete Meadows)
Charisma Band - Ain't Nothing Like Your Love (Bob Hinsley)
Billy Paul - Bring The Family Back (Pete Meadows)
Eliminators - Loving Explosion (Bob Hinsley)
Norwood Long - I'd Like To Have You (Steve Plumb)
Candi Staton - One More Hurt (Steve Plumb)
Alice Clark - Don't You Care (Bob Hinsley)
Lillian Hale - The Signs were Wrong (Steve Plumb)
Paul Thompson - Special Kind Of Woman (Eddy Edmondson)
Jean Plum - Look At The Boy (Eddy Edmondson)
Primbrock Skiggs - That Was Yesterday (Steve Plumb)
Jackie Wilson - This Love Is Real (Steve Plumb)
Phyllis Hyman - Baby (I'm Gonna Love You) (Bob Hinsley)
S.O.U.L - This Time Around (Eddy Edmondson)
Leroy Hutson - All Because Of You (Pete Meadows)
Mac Davis - I'm Just In Love (Pete Meadows)
Unique Blend - Yes I'm In Love (Bob Hinsley)
Johnny Moore - Your Love Is Fading (Steve Plumb)
Denise Lasalle - I Get What I Want (Eddy Edmondson)
Main Ingredient - Everything Man (Pete Meadows)
Wizdom - Im So In Love With You (Bob Hinsley)
Arthur Prysock - I Wantcha Baby (Eddy Edmondson)
Vivian Reed - Save Your Love For Me (Bob Hinsley)
Phillip Mitchell - I'm Gonna Build California From All Over the World (Eddy Edmondson)
Teddy Pendergrass - I Just Called To Say (Eddy Edmondson)
Wilson Williams - I Like Being In Love With You (Steve Plumb)

CD 2  -   August 6th,  2011

Invitations - Look On The Good Side (Steve Plumb)
A Brothers Guiding Light - Getting Together (Eddy Edmondson)
Brown Sugar - I'm Going Through Changes Now (Eddy Edmondson)
Eddie Holman - Time Will Tell (7" Version) (Steve Plumb)
Mixed Emotions - Gold Of My Life (Steve Clayton)
Natural Four - Hanging On To A Lie (Steve Clayton)
Dee Dee Warwick - Funny How We Change Places (Steve Plumb)
Tata Vega - I Need You Now (Eddy Edmondson)
James Phelps - The Look On Your Face (Steve Clayton)
Al Wilson - Show And Tell (Eddy Edmondson)
Bettye Swann - (My Heart Is) Closed For The Season (Eddy Edmondson)
The Montclairs - Hey You! Don't Fight It! (Steve Clayton)
Jean Shy - What Can I Do, I'm So In Love With You (Barry Maleady)
Eddie Kendricks - I'm In Love With You (Steve Plumb)
Anthony White - Yes You Need Love (Steve Clayton)
Blood Hollins - How Have You Been (Barry Maleady)
Luther Vandross - Dont Wanna Be A Fool (Eddy Edmondson)
The O'Jays - Time To Get Down (Barry Maleady)
Love Committee - Am I wasting time (Barry Maleady)
Southside Movement - Do It To Me (Steve Clayton)
Margie Joseph - I'll Always Love You (Eddy Edmondson)
Newcomers - The Whole World's A Picture Show (Barry Maleady)
Mighty Clouds Of Joy - Look On The Bright Side (Steve Plumb)
Magic Night - If You And I Had Never Met (Steve Plumb)
Emanuel Taylor - You Really Got A Hold On Me (Barry Maleady)
Talk Of The Town - Dont Be So Mean (Barry Maleady)

CD 1  -   May 28th,  2011

Beloyd - Get Into Your Life (Eddy Edmondson)
Admiral Ice - My Carolina Girl (Steve Plumb)
Chuck Cissel - Don't Tell Me You're Sorry (Steve Plumb)
Lanier & Co - I Don't Know(what to do about you) (Pete Meadows)
Margie Joseph - I Can't Move No Mountains (Graham Slater)
Whispers - In Love Forever (Steve Plumb)
Special Delivery - This Kind Of Love (Pete Meadows)
Marvin Gaye - Come Get To This (Pete Meadows)
Eddie Kendricks - All Of My Love (Eddy Edmondson)
Spencer Wiggins - I'm At The Breaking Point (Graham Slater)
Frank & James - How Long Is Forever (Pete Meadows)
Denise Lasalle - Here I Am Again (Eddy Edmondson)
Eddie Holman - Time Will Tell (Steve Plumb)
Maurice Jackson - Lucky Fellow (Steve Plumb)
Patterson Twins - I Need Your Love (Eddy Edmondson)
Ty Karim - Lighten Up (Eddy Edmondson)
Connie Laverne - Can't Live Without You (Steve Plumb)
Modulations - I'm Hopelessly In Love (Pete Meadows)
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - I'm Never Gonna Be Alone Anymore (Graham Slater)
Innersection - I'm In Debt To You (Eddy Edmondson)
Darrow Fletcher - It's No Mistake (Graham Slater)
Paramount Four - Sorry Ain't The Word (Graham Slater)
Candi Staton - Too Hurt To Cry (Pete Meadows)
Coco & Ben - Good Feelin' (Eddy Edmondson)
Neo Experience - Human (Graham Slater)